What your smartphone says about your personality

Survey reveals differences between iPhone and Android users

iPhone owners are more likely to both send and receive nudes compared to Android owners, a recent YouGov survey has shown.[1]  The survey, commissioned by Shpock, the boot sale app, investigated the behaviour patterns of smartphone users. It uncovers some interesting facts: who is more of a dog lover, who exercises the most and who is more environmentally conscious.

Ahead of the release of the iPhone X, Shpock (www.shpock.co.uk) has drawn a picture of the typical iPhone user. They are extremely loyal to their brand with 47% stating their next phone must be an iOS device. Price is less of a factor for Apple customers with only 1 in 5 stating it was the most important thing when buying a new phone (compared to one third of Android owners). iPhone owners also tend to hang out with each other more with over 34% of respondents saying their best friend has the same brand of phone.

“It’s really intriguing to see how the behaviour and shopping patterns for mobile phone users differ”, states Conor Gannon, Shpock Spokesperson. “The survey reinforces the stereotype that iPhone owners are more brand loyal and less price conscious than their Android counterparts”.

iPhone owners are sportier than Android owners

  • Naughty or nice: Over 1 in 4 iPhone users (27%) have received nudes compared to only 17% of Android users. The Apple owners are also twice more likely to send nudes via a phone than Android owners.
  • Trendy: IPhone users are twice more likely to follow the current fashion trends than their Android counterparts
  • Active: iPhone users tend to be sportier than Android users (with 1 in 5 exercising three times a week compared to only 13% of Android owners).
  • Above UK average: A higher percentage of iPhone owners are vegan (10%) and left handed (13%) compared to the national UK average

The only topic where the rival phone users can agree in large numbers is their love of dogs. Over 75% of both iPhone and Android owners prefer dogs to cats.

iPhone users more likely to sell their second hand smartphone

iPhone owners are more than twice as likely to sell their used phone compared to Android owners, the survey explains, with 30% having sold one in the past (compared to just 16% for Android). 46% of iPhone users even stated they have a strong interest in helping the environment with their consumption habits. 1 in 4 current owners plan to sell their phone to fund the latest model. Shpock can also reveal that now is the best time to purchase a second hand iPhone at a great price.

“With the new release, people want to sell their old smartphone quickly to fund the new one. Therefore, they are more likely to negotiate and accept lower offers”, explains Gannon.

An internal Shpock analysis of the sale of 150,000 phones reinforces this. It uncovered that 70% of iPhone sales from last year came within one week of listing. [2] A large 26% of iPhone sales were even completed in the first twenty four hours.


[1] All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 2245 adults. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

[2]All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from Shpock.  Total sample size was 150,000 iPhones traded between July 1 2016 and August 30 2017.

Conor Gannon

PR Manager UK

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