At Shpock, the safety of our users is paramount, and we are dedicated to consistently improving our safeguards against fraud. We have assembled essential tips to assist you in ensuring a secure experience when buying and selling on Shpock:

Be mindful of sharing personal information

Be cautious if your trading partner requests your email address or phone number, claiming it is a requirement by Shpock. Such requests are often part of a common scam and should be reported immediately.

With Buy Now our Buyer Protection service provides a secure and integrated payment service. Your information is entered directly into a secure payment interface inside the app, ensuring a safe transaction process.

Exercise caution with external links

Exercise caution regarding deceptive external links that might imitate integrated payment service of Shpock. Shpock will never instruct you to open external links for payment transactions. All payments made through Shpock are securely processed within the app, eliminating the necessity for external website interactions.

Avoid unsafe payment methods

Money transfer services such as bank transfers, Western Union, or Cash App lack buyer protection. Always exercise caution with payment confirmation emails, as they can be easily forged. While Shpock cannot provide assistance in case of issues arising from the use of these services, we encourage you to make use of our secure payment options like Buy Now for a worry-free transaction experience.

Your awareness and diligence contribute to a safer and more enjoyable Shpock community!

For additional safety guidelines, explore our Help Centre.


Andrej Bielicky, CEO at Shpock says: "Ensuring the safety and trust of our Shpock community is at the core of everything we do. We recognise the evolving sophistication of scam tactics and acknowledge that no anti-fraud measures are bulletproof. Let's foster a community where trust thrives, scams are thwarted, and everyone can buy and sell with confidence. Together, we say #StopScam."


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