Second hand Santa is coming to town

5 reasons why Brits are giving pre-owned gifts this year

If Santa Claus is smart then he will bring lots of second hand gifts this Christmas. According to a study commissioned by boot sale app Shpock, 5 out of 10 Brits appreciate the idea of pre-owned things under the Christmas tree.

A smartphone in original packaging 30 % below retail price, branded sneakers worn only once for £40 instead of £80 – these are just a few examples for exceptional bargains at online marketplaces during Christmas season. No wonder that some have already had the idea of giving pre-owned items as Christmas gifts. A study commissioned by Shpock in cooperation with YouGov* has shown that 49 % of UK adults appreciate the idea of second hand gifts – a figure that is climbing to 61 % among youngsters between 16 - 24 years.

“We can clearly confirm this trend, the smartphone generation is no longer perceiving second hand gifts as a no-no”, says Katharina Klausberger, co-founder of Shpock. “The activity in our selections ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’ has been increasing significantly since early November.”

Top 5 benefits of second hand gifts:

  1. Sustainability: Pre-owned gifts are a clear statement against today’s throw-away society. Environmentally conscious presentees highly appreciate items that are given a second shot at life.
  2. Vintage trend: Another reason for browsing digital marketplaces for Christmas gifts is the variety of vintage products. Be it clothing, accessories or rare pieces of furniture – almost everything that is no longer available in retail can be found online.  

  3. Expense factor: Ever too often the savings for your preferred present for your loved ones are insufficient. This is where second hand shopping kicks in: Most of the products are sold significantly below market price.

  4. Time factor: Another great benefit of second hand platforms is the fact that the location and timing of the handover can be agreed on individually. Way to save time during the busy Christmas season.

  5. Wide range of entertainment gifts: The “electronics” category is among the most popular at Shpock. This is incredibly helpful given the fact that the study has shown that gifts such as games, CDs and DVDs/BluRays and consumer electronics e.g. smartphones or tablets are the ones best received.

*Total sample size was 2590 adults. The survey was carried out online by YouGov Plc. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+). 

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