Team building, beach and more - Shpock goes Mallorca

A strategy workshop beneath the Spanish sun

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — At the beginning of June the Shpock team sailed ship (or flew plane) to Mallorca, living up to the motto “work hard, party harder”. During the course of the four-day strategy & team building workshop we collected ideas to further improve the mobile flea market experience and had tones of fun while we were at it :)

Day 1: Take-off & team update

66 Shpockies from 18 different nations met at the Vienna International Airport with a common destination: Mallorca. After landing on the island, a bus took us to the hotel where the beautiful view of the sea immediately put us in holiday mood. But before the amusement began, there we had the first part of our strategy workshop up on the agenda.

Day 2: Strategy workshop & together to infinity and beyond

On the second day the sporty "early birds" in the team seized the day and went for a morning run along the beautifully set beach promenade. Others took a dip in the sea or did a relaxing yoga session. After breakfast we were motivated for our next workshop day, which included defining the next steps and goals for Shpock – we can reveal this much: the Shpock community can look forward to exciting new features :)

In our second session we put our heads together and worked on concepts; how to make our user support even better.

In the afternoon we put our vertigo fears to the test, climbing at the "Forestal Park Mallorca". Balancing 20 meters high got us right out of our comfort zones and gave somewhat of an adrenaline kick to say the least. After this we managed to lower our pulses again by having a scrumptious dinner overlooking the marina of Palma. Having wined and dined, we made sure to show Palma how to party the Shpock way.

Day 3: Shpock's BBQ boat 

After a short night rest, the party continued on Saturday on the high sea. A catamaran took the Shpock crew to a bay of Palma, where we danced, took a dip in the water, drank, ate or just unwound. In addition, we have also held various teambuilding activities and workshops, as it's impossible to hide on a boat ;) 

Day 4: Relaxing & going back

Before we went back to Vienna, the team used the last hours for long sunbathing sessions, some action at the pool and massages to recharge our energy tanks for the challenges ahead.


If you'd like to join the awesome Shpock team - do we even have to ask?! Just follow this link: We're hiring!

Started in Vienna, a plane with more than 65 Shpockies on board made its way to Mallorca.
Immediately after landing a bus took us to our hotel where...
...this awesome view welcomed us.
But before jumping into the sea we had a strategy workshop. Together we discussed the next steps...
...and features how we can improve the mobile flea market experience.
A little bit more action expected us a little later in the high ropes course.
Jumping off trees and...
...balancing at a height of more than 5 meters...
...challenged a lot of us.
After so much action we deserved some nice food & drinks to calm down.
And we enjoyed the setting so much that we even stayed a little longer.
In general the four-day workshop had culinary delights from Spanish tapas to...
...a BBQ on our own catamaran.
Speaking of it: The party boat was probably the highlight of our trip.
In a relaxed atmosphere, we soaked up the sun, relaxed and took the opportunity... down in the lightning blue sea.