Shpock partner with leading interiors therapist to share wardrobe spring clean hacks

  • The UK’s leading interiors therapist Suzanne Roynon shares tips on how to get your wardrobe in order this Spring 
  • Over 2020 Shpock users across the UK saved over 5,000 tonnes of C02 emissions by buying and selling fashion items secondhand  

Fashion is now the leading sector on Shpock, as more and more UK users head to their app to buy and sell items secondhand. From January 2021 to March 2021 alone, Shpock saw the number of fashion items sold increase by 33% on average.  

To help Brits declutter and get Springtime ready, Shpock have teamed up with leading interiors therapist and decluttering pro Suzanne Roynon to create top tips and benefits to help Brits achieve wardrobe serenity this spring.  

When talking about interiors therapy, the clothes we own are often the best place to start; a simple way to get clear on how ‘stuff’ can impact every part of our lives. Luckily, for Brits looking to destress and declutter, Suzanne is on hand to impart her interior insight.  

Tip 1: Give yourself time and focus on items not bringing you joy. Spring cleaning the wardrobe isn’t a ten minute job, but when you get it right you’ll save yourself countless hours in the months and years to come. Take everything out of your wardrobe and pile it on the bed. This is where you get totally honest about each item; does it remind you of anything unhappy, disappointing, hurtful or bring you down in any way? Don’t keep things that make you feel blue. Everything in your wardrobe should fit, feel good to wear and show the real you!  

Tip 2: Tackle drawers, shelves and anywhere else you keep foldable clothes. Follow the same principles to assess how they make you feel and if anything doesn’t make the grade, let it go. Do the same with accessories, jewellery, gadgets and products – anything you don’t use isn’t serving you and it’s taking up space, plus you can list all of these items on Shpock.  

Tip 3: Time to organise and clean - give the items you're keeping a fresh space. Before putting anything away, vacuum and give every drawer and cupboard a wipe down with a suitable cleaning product inside and out.  Your clothes deserve a fresh, clean space and so do you! Use clever folding methods and great storage in drawers and cupboards to maximize the way you use the room. Look out for drawer dividers which fit neatly into your space.  They make organizing your t-shirts and lingerie a doddle.  

Tip 4: Think about the clothes-hangers you use. The brain responds well when things are ordered, so using hangers which match rather than a jumble of odd shapes and colours is a simple mind-hack as well as being visually rewarding. Consider velvet/flock covered versions – these are useful when wardrobe space is at a premium because they are slim and slippery clothes stay put. For heavy coats or jackets with wide shoulders, a wooden hanger is hard to beat. 

Tip 5: Order your wardrobe. Hang clothes so items of the same type are together and sort them by length; that way you’ll know exactly where to find your perfect outfit every day. This method makes putting away laundry much more straightforward and your eye will appreciate the organisation each time you open the door.  It’s really beneficial for mental wellbeing, and helps you think more clearly at home and at work. If your hanging rail has all the long outfits on one side graduating to the shorter lengths on the other, you’ll create a bonus space in the bottom of the wardrobe to use for hidden storage and make your room even more streamlined. 

Tip 6: Always Think Sustainably - give pre-loved items a new home. When it comes to letting your unwanted clothes and possessions go, use Shpock to sell items on, they have a huge array of buyers and it's also a great way to earn money. Never send stuff to a landfill.  

Suzanne Roynon, says: Interiors Therapy is an easy way to ‘spring-clean’ mind, body and home permanently so everything feels brighter and happier, and of course this has a really positive impact on mood and wellbeing.  

Our homes should be a happy and nourishing space, but many people who wake in a muddled bedroom spend the first part of the day trying to get back on track. Using a little Interiors Therapy to make the bedroom and the rest of the home feel fresh and organised means every day begins in a better place.  

Selling or recycling clothes and accessories secondhand on Shpock is a great way to support the environment and boost your wallet!”  

Iyesha Cheema-Bradshaw, Brand and Content Manager at Shpock says: ‘A simple task like clearing out your wardrobe really does have beneficial impacts on your mental wellbeing, and Shpock is the perfect place to sell your clothes once your wardrobe spring clean is complete. There is always someone who is after something you no longer want, so why not make some money out of your items and benefit the environment as well?’ 

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