Shpock offers PayPal as a payment method

More protection, speed and comfort for users

The mobile marketplace Shpock announces a milestone in the field of app marketplaces: Shpock users in the UK, Germany and Austria can now pay and receive money for their purchases and sales with PayPal. Millions of Shpock users can benefit from even faster deals, increased security and easier handling.

Easier, faster, more secure: the advantages of in-app payment via PayPal at Shpock are obvious. With only one click, funds can be sent between individuals - without having to exchange bank data or other information. This accelerates the handling of deals and helps protect the data of buyers and sellers. One big advantage is it is no longer necessary to leave the app, for example, you no longer need to change to your mobile banking app to make a payment. Another potential advantage is users who pay via PayPal benefit from PayPal Buyer Protection on eligible purchases. If the goods are not received or significantly not as described, PayPal Buyer Protection reimburses the full cost of eligible purchases and pays the delivery cost. At the same time, PayPal Seller Protection can help sellers get their money back for certain payment defaults.

"Heavy Users” are excited

The app is therefore a pioneer in the European classifieds landscape: Shpock is one of the first marketplaces that allows secure payment via PayPal directly in its app. The in-app payment has already been rolled out to all users in the UK, Germany and Austria as a new function - with great success.

"Although we have not communicated the feature in any way so far, we've seen thousands of successful PayPal transactions in the app in the first weeks. The feedback is also extremely positive, especially among our 'heavy users', who conclude daily Shpock deals", said Bernhard Baumann, Shpock CEO.

Conor Gannon

PR Manager UK

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