Shpock launches #ShpockHelpers to connect volunteers with their self-isolating neighbours

  • As more of us look for ways to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shpock has created a dedicated free platform for volunteers

  • Anyone able to help their neighbours can list their services using the #ShpockHelpers tag

  • Those self-isolating can then contact local volunteers for help with deliveries, chores, and support, all for free

London, 30 March 2020 – To support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, online marketplace Shpock today launches its new #ShpockHelpers platform to connect local volunteers with their self-isolating neighbours, or those in need of support. The new platform has been rolled out for use by Shpock’s millions of active UK users for free. 


After noticing that some users were using Shpock to offer their time to their neighbours, Shpock created a dedicated free platform within its app for volunteers. By using the #ShpockHelpers tag, people can state what they can help their neighbours with and when they are able to help. Those self-isolating, or in need of support, can then browse listings and contact local volunteers. By using the #ShpockHelpers tag, Shpock boosts all volunteer listings to the top of the app. 


If you can support your local community, whether that’s by delivering groceries, walking the dog, or running online classes, Shpock will help you connect with your neighbours. All Shpock users are being asked to consider volunteering their time when opening the Shpock app. 


Shpock reminds all volunteers that they must follow the government’s rules on social distancing for any volunteer efforts. That means sticking to limitations on leaving their home, not coming into contact with the vulnerable or self-isolating, and staying at least 2m apart from anyone not from their household while volunteering.


Denise Böhm, Senior Communication Manager at Shpock comments, “Against the difficult and devastating backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been heartened by so many acts of kindness across the UK. We want to support our community to do amazing things and connect volunteers directly with their neighbours in need of help.”


How it works

📝 Create a listing with #ShpockHelpers and your postcode in the item title 

⬆️ Describe your offer and upload it in the “services” category

🚀 Shpock will bump your offer so it is seen by those who need it most in your area

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