Shpock kicks off 2016 with a new look and as the #1 shopping app

At the top of the app rankings in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria

The boot sale app Shpock launches an extensive redesign and is immediately rewarded with placements amongst top rankings throughout the international app stores. 

Everything new for 2016
Shpock ( users can look forward to an extensive update of the flea market app. Both iOS and Android designs have been overhauled completely, by replacing old icons, redesigning features and simplifying the browsing experience. 

Shpock’s latest media attention was around the acquisition of the company by the Norwegian classifieds giant Schibsted in September. By that time developers were already working on the redesign. The team has been "tweaking the app for months on end through blood, sweat and tears" according to co-founder Armin Strbac.

"We take our community’s feedback very seriously and have worked on meeting their specific wishes and needs with the new release. That’s why we’re even more delighted that not only we find the redesign great, but our users love it too” – Co-founder Armin Strbac

 #1 shopping app in several countries
That being said "making Shpock’s users happy" was of utmost importance, the proof of achieving this goal can be seen in the app rankings: Shpock occupied first place in the shopping category throughout the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria for a number of days, and also managed to jump into the top 10 of overall rankings. [1]

Shpock update in detail:

  1. Greater image directory
    Due to technological progression, faster mobile internet and more powerful smartphones – larger product photos can now be used throughout Shpock. This makes item browsing and discovery even easier and the function to upload images has also been improved.
  2. More at a Glance
    From now on the title and price of products will be displayed directly on the Shpock home screen. This makes browsing even more simple.
  3. Colour scheme as a Guide
    The new “paint job“ doesn’t just leave a modern impression, but the colour coded system allows users to navigate more easily. As an example: leading to a more natural interaction between users.
  4. More stars
    User ratings create trust throughout the community and will be displayed more prominently from now on.

[1] The underlying data was extracted from the app analysis tool Basis "App Annie" ( Goes by downloads during the period of 01.01.-31.01.2016 whereby the app was ranked at number 1 at least one day in the category “Shopping” in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

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About Shpock

Shpock is a mobile marketplace that brings millions of private buyers and sellers and local businesses together. The categories range from electronics, fashion and furniture to specialised interests such as cars and property.

Shpock has more than 10 million active users and over 2 billion page impressions. These numbers and regular #1 rankings in the App & Google Play Store in three core markets (UK, Germany, Austria) make Shpock one of Europe’s most dominant shopping apps. 

Facts and numbers

- Among the leading online marketplaces in three countries (UK, Germany, Austria)
- Over 10 Million active users monthly 
- Over 2 billion page impressions per month
- Products worth more than 1 billion pounds are being traded per year (2018)
- A multi-national team of 100+ people responsible for the success of the digital marketplace

Recent prizes
- Apple awarded ‘Best of 2017 App’ in the category ‘Sustainability’
- Google awarded Shpock the “Android App Excellence 2018“