“Need gone ASAP” - Brides NOT to be sell their unworn wedding dresses

Shpock: Cancelled weddings causing brides to sell wedding gowns online

Wedding bells will be ringing soon for the royal family soon. However, for some broken hearted British brides, love is no longer in the air as they are forced to sell their beloved wedding dresses online due to cancelled nuptials. Shpock, took a look at over 22,000 wedding dresses on the app and reveals the bargain dresses for sale at a fraction of the original cost.

Wedding dresses evoke endless happy memories of the big day for the brides that bought them. Unfortunately, for some brides, this day does not always go ahead as planned.  Hundreds of brides have to sell their perfect dress online as the ‘happiest day of their lives’ gets cancelled for a variety of reasons. Ahead of wedding season, Shpock, the marketplace app, takes a look at the dresses for sale as brides to try to gain some money back on their investment and rid themselves of the painful memory.  

“Need gone ASAP”
The numerous reasons for the sale of the wedding dress can be seen in the description on the ad. Often, the reasons are free of emotion such as the gown no longer fitting or the bride buying two and ultimately selecting the other. However, for some, the pain of the separation or cancelled wedding is clear, for example, “he called it off so no longer getting married. Need gone asap”, “selling my wedding dress as the wedding was cancelled and I don’t want the mental connection” or “my wedding was cancelled so I just want rid of the dress now”.  One broken hearted bride to be put her engagement ring for sale “due to cheating scumbag ex fiancé” and planned to use the sale to fund “a spa break to celebrate dodging a bullet”.

Bargain dressess 
It’s not just sellers who are benefitting from a bad situation. Shpock provides a platform for thrifty brides to find the ultimate wedding bargain.

“Many jilted brides want to sell the dress as quickly as possible and often this leads to wedding dresses for sale at bargain prices. Often, the dress can be bought for less than half the initial price”, explains Shpock spokesperson, Conor Gannon. “Second hand weddings are becoming more and more popular and with Shpock, you can find all you need for your special day: dresses, rings, decorations and accessories at bargain prices.”

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