"I do": Second Hand Weddings are Trending

Shpock: British couples-to-be are increasingly buying second hand for their big day

When wedding bells are ringing, money is rolling. With some dream weddings costing in excess of 30,000 Pounds, thrifty couples-to-be are seeking second hand bargains to save where they can. Buying parts of a wedding pre-used not only saves thousands financially but can also be more sustainable. An analysis of the boot sale app, Shpock, reveals the average wedding dress is listed at just £85 by the owner. 

Ahead of the start of ‘Wedding Season’, Shpock is noticing an increase in searches for products relating to weddings.

“Second hand no longer has a negative connotation“, explains Conor Gannon, Shpock spokesperson. “Instead, being thrifty has become a trendy lifestyle of sorts – second hand gifts are given, vintage fashion is trending and there are massive potential savings when organising a wedding.”

An analysis of over 25,000 wedding dresses in the boot sale app showed the following results:

  • There is a dress for every taste – long, short, classic or princess style, cream-coloured or floral white
  • Dresses can be found for a fraction of their original price
  • The average wedding dress is sold for just £70
  • The largest number of wedding dresses are sold in autumn but early spring also shows high figures

Where can you save the most money?
However, dresses are not the only wedding items on Shpock with the potential for huge savings. Thousands of pounds can be saved in other parts of the ceremony. Recycling wedding decorations has also become a thing. Many newlyweds are left with a large number of unwanted table decorations and other accessories after their big day. More and more couples are using this excess as an opportunity to make a quick pound using online marketplaces such as Shpock. This makes perfect sense as they are usually in excellent condition, having been used only once. Many items have not been used at all as they were bought in bigger quantities than needed. 

These wedding related products can be easily bought or sold at online marketplaces (examples see pictures below):

  1. Decoration material: candle jars, deco-confetti, stand-up displays (“Mr & Mrs“), frames and chair covers.
  2. Bridesmaids’ outfits: dresses, shoes, bags and hair accessories.
  3. Guest accessories: blankets, comfy shoes such as flip flops or ballerinas, hats, sun glasses, refreshment sprays and gift bags.
  4. Accessories for fun photos: fake moustaches, feather boas, funny glasses and weird hats.
  5. Equipment for the stag/hen night: sashes for brides/husbands-to-be, funny accessories and costumes.
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Conor Gannon PR Manager UK
Conor Gannon PR Manager UK
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