Brits go gaga for second hand bikinis!

Brits go gaga for second hand bikinis!

Shpock Analysis: 71% of bikinis on sale for £10 or less

With a sizzling summer up ahead, Shpock, the marketplace app, has analysed over 50,000 bikini[1]  sales and discovered some interesting swimsuit trends; do Brits prefer new or second hand swimwear?, what is the nation’s favourite bikini colour and how much can be saved when you haggle?

Would you buy second hand swimwear? The question has always created a strong debate but a new analysis by Shpock of over 50,000 bikinis listed on the app has shown that Brits do not care and instead seek out the best deal possible. Used bikinis on the marketplace app sell at the same rate as new or unworn versions, suggesting that getting the best deal possible, not whether the swimsuit has already been worn, is the key incentive.

“With the peak month of July approaching, bikini demand is reaching its highest point. Over 70% of bikinis are for sale at £10 or less meaning there are real bargains available”, says Shpock Spokesperson Conor Gannon. “You can get real savings on designer brands such as Missoni, Eres and Ted Baker.”

One third of bikinis are new

For those still determined to buy their swimwear unused , one third (33%) of the bikinis on Shpock are new or have never been worn – giving users the chance to get their favourite brands at a great price. Often strict no return policies by high street retailers leave little chance of getting a refund when it comes to swim suits. As a result, if the bikini doesn’t fit, Shpock can be the perfect solution to finding a buyer and making both parties happy. 

"When reading the description, one can see that many bikinis are brand new or even have the price tag still attached. The average listing price of a bikini on Shpock is £9, with the average sale price just £6, making these models much cheaper than what can be found from regular retailers” explains Gannon.

Fashionable colours and trends for 2018

Classic black remains the nation’s favourite colour accounting for 24% of the bikinis for sale, followed by red (21%) and white (16%). Bikinis are being offered in all kinds of variations and sizes: from triangle, high waist or crochet to chic one pieces. Whether spotted, striped or patterned, there's something for every taste.” explains Gannon.

Haggling can earn you 30% discount

In the UK, many bikini-hunters are looking to find the cheapest bargain and Shpock is the perfect platform for this. On average, bikinis sell for over 30% less than the original listing price showing that some haggling goes a long way to getting the deal you want.


1] All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from Shpock.  Total sample size was 50,000 bikinis and bathing suits traded between January 1 2017 and June 15 2018.

About Shpock

Shpock is a mobile marketplace that brings millions of private buyers and sellers and local businesses together. The categories range from electronics, fashion and furniture to specialised interests such as cars and property.

Shpock has more than 10 million active users and over 2 billion page impressions. These numbers and regular #1 rankings in the App & Google Play Store in three core markets (UK, Germany, Austria) make Shpock one of Europe’s most dominant shopping apps. 

Facts and numbers

- Among the leading online marketplaces in three countries (UK, Germany, Austria)
- Over 10 Million active users monthly 
- Over 2 billion page impressions per month
- Products worth more than 1 billion pounds are being traded per year (2018)
- A multi-national team of 100+ people responsible for the success of the digital marketplace

Recent prizes
- Apple awarded ‘Best of 2017 App’ in the category ‘Sustainability’
- Google awarded Shpock the “Android App Excellence 2018“